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Denice D. Denton Distinguished Lecture Series and Scholarship Program

Denice Denton Watercolor Portrait

Portrait of Denice painted by Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College

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Denice Denton had a profound impact on the University of Wisconsin-Madison in research, education, professional development, and their integration across disciplines. She was an intellectual and organizational leader in all of these areas, from the Engineering Research Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing to the National Institute for Science Education. Her many contributions helped create a fertile ground for other successful endeavors at UW-Madison - from engineering research centers to the UW-Madison K-Through-Infinity Partnership program, the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning, and System-wide Change for All Learners and Educators. If our campus has progressed further than some, it is because we have stood on the shoulders of a giant. Denice will be missed and not forgotten.

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