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University of Wisconsin-Madison Oral History Program: Denice D. Denton Interview

Recorded November 20 & 25, 2003

Interviewer: Joyce Coleman

Recording, File 1 (MP3)
Recording, File 2 (MP3)
Transcript (PDF)

These files are posted with permission from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives & Records Management Services, and the Oral History Program. We are very grateful to Troy Reeves, Head of the Oral History Project, for granting permission to post these files to a wider audience. Please visit the UW-Madison Oral History Project website for more information about this important resource, and consider contacting the Project to contribute your own story to their collection.

Please note:

This oral history and transcript is protected by the 1978 copyright law. The information in this interview may be used for scholarly or educational purposes, but written permission to use extensive segments of this interview/transcript must be obtained from the UW-Madison Oral History Program. To cite brief quotations from the interview, the following bibliographic format is recommended:

Denton, Denice. Interviewed by Joyce Coleman. Tape Recording, 2003. University Archives and Records Management Services, Madison, Wisconsin.