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In–Depth Interviews With Women Faculty & Staff in STEM

PI: Christine Maidl Pribbenow

Study Description

The original NSF ADVANCE: IT proposal included a plan to perform in-depth interviews with 32 women faculty, conducted at the beginning of the grant period, to provide a baseline from which program evaluation will emanate. Follow-up interviews with the same women occurred in the last year of the grant. This activity was implemented immediately upon creation of WISELI, with some changes to the original plan. Rather than interviewing 32 women faculty, we interviewed 26 women faculty and 15 women academic staff in the sciences and engineering. Staff members were interviewed in addition to faculty in order to gather planning data to inform many of WISELI's proposed activities revolving around academic staff (e.g., promote staff women to faculty positions; leadership development for academic staff; creation of a climate survey for academic staff). Respondents were selected using a stratified random sample of both faculty and staff, to ensure representation across schools and colleges, ranks, time at the institution, and divisional affiliation. In 2002, 26 faculty agreed to be interviewed (two were replacements - one due to refusal, and one because the subject was planning to retire before the re-interview in 2006), and 15 staff agreed to be interviewed (four were replaced due to refusals). In 2006, 19 out of 23 faculty remaining at UW-Madison agreed to be interviewed (three of the original 26 faculty interviewed in 2002 retired or otherwise left the University). We did not follow up with the staff interviewees in 2006, as these interviews were primarily used for planning purposes and were not designed to be part of the summative evaluation of WISELI.

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