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WISELI's Library includes over 2000 citations to books and articles relevant to the advancement and promotion of women in science and engineering.

These citations are available via Zotero. Information on this database, its features, and how to use it are provided below.

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Please see below for information and instructions on using the library database.

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Advice for Women in Academia Balancing Family and Work
Campus/Department Climate Search Committee Workshops and Hiring Process
Research on Bias Studies of Sex/Gender Differences
Women in Science and Engineering Women in Medicine
Women Students in Science and Engineering Women and Leadership
Women in Higher Education Bias in Evaluations of Teaching
Tenure Sexual Harrassment
Race and Ethnicity in Academia Organizational/Institutional Change
Surveys History of Women in Science, Medicine, and Engineering

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About the Zotero Database

The Zotero database, a free web-based tool for collecting, citing, and sharing research sources, has the following useful features:

How to Use the Zotero Database

Viewing and Sorting References in the shared WISELI group library

Zotero's default view is to display entries in three columns: Title, Creator, Date Modified. You can customize this view for each session by following the steps listed below:

Searching for References

The Zotero database includes two search options. The search box is located on the far right of the Zotero menu bar. You can select one of the following two options by clicking the "down arrow" on the left hand side of the search box:

Another method of search is to browse through the "Tags" located on the bottom lefthand corner of the screen.

Creating and Exporting References

To cite references or export them into other citation managers:

More Help

Detailed instructions, tutorials, and FAQs are available from Zotero's support site.