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Denice Denton Scholarship

The Denice Denton Scholarship will be awarded annually to one student in the College of Engineering or another science major who personifies the values that Denice exhibited throughout her career. The scholarship will be alternated each year between an undergraduate recipient and a graduate student recipient. Continuing engineering undergraduate/graduate students who are underrepresented in engineering, including women of all ethnicities, African-American, Latina/o, Southeast Asian, Native American/Hawaiian Native/Alaskan Native, and Pacific Islander students are eligible. Criteria include a minimum GPA 2.8, and must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Evaluation of the scholarship applications is done by a small committee in the Diversity Affairs office of the College of Engineering. Application deadlines will typically occur in January each year.

Requirements of the applications include:

To apply for the Denice Denton Scholarship, use the Common Scholarship Application website. Search for "Denton". Applications open in December annually.

Current and Past Recipients

2017: Kelly Watson 2018: